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Ladies Night

iFLY Downunder Sydney

Skill Level: Ladies of all skills and abilities are welcome! You must be signed off to fly with others on your belly.

Disclipline: Get involved in whatever you're into, whether it be belly or back, dynamic or static, head up or head down and meet a great bunch of ladies with the same passion as you.

Price: $139

What's Included? If we can get more than 10 ladies attend, there will be an hour of shared flight time and some dinner. Flight time is reduced to 30 mins if we have 9-6 people attend. Once you have confirmed, there is a cancellation fee as we need to ensure that the flight time matches the number of participants, so don't let the girls down!


or 4 payments of $34.75 with more info

Learn The Lines - w/ Elise

iFLY Downunder Sydney


Head up dynamic leading and following workshop. 4 spots available

22nd April 6:30pm arrival for 7pm Session

Must be able to do over the feet transitions and sit fly with others comfortably

PRICE: $150

TO BOOK: Just click the button below! Please keep in mind that if we don't have 4 people booked in by the 20th April, we will postpone the event to another day.


or 4 payments of $37.50 with more info

2-Way VFS Inter/Advanced

iFLY Downunder Sydney

For anyone who is interested in learning or improving your static VFS flying and getting more comfortable flying with others either head up/ head down. Come along with a friend or solo it and we will make up some teams on the night

Friday 6th March. Arrive at 6pm for a 7pm session

Inter: Must be signed off Head up and flying with others.
Advanced: Must be signed off Head/Down and flying with others

PRICE: $99.00
TO BOOK: Click the button below.


or 4 payments of $24.75 with more info

Flying with Others

iFLY Downunder Sydney

WHAT: This event is for anyone looking for new people to fly and share time with, this is a great opportunity to meet other flyers.
The aim is to have you flying with 2 or more people by the end of the night. It is a great introduction if you have just joined the sport or if your goal is to compete in the 2020 Australian Indoor Champs in September.

REQUIREMENTS: Signed off to fly with others on belly.

PRICE: $105

TO BOOK: Call 1300 366 364 or email to book.


or 4 payments of $26.25 with more info
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